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Welcome to the official Dave Sharman store, exclusively featuring all of Dave's previous album releases including the classic '1990' and follow up 'Exit Within'.

11 Tabs + 11 Tracks + 1 Hour Lesson


This exciting package includes 11 tabs, their original recordings and the rare opportunity of a personal one hour online lesson with Dave Sharman. Giving you unique access to some of Dave’s most exciting tips and tricks, together with his techniques on building speed, strength and dexterity. And if that wasn't enough, it’s all yours for the unbeatable introductory offer of £34.99! Saving you 25% off the original price. Learn from the master! * To book your lesson, please fill in and return the lesson booking form included in your download package or email info@davesharman.com with your name and order number. ** Before you purchase this package, please ensure you have access to: 1. Skype. 2. Broadband. 3. Working audio and video to interact with Dave.

This offer contains:

-Forgotten Souls
-1990 Part II
-Dragon Fly
-Borrowed Time
-Pandora's Box
-Tequila Junction
-1990 Part II Tab
-Andromeda Tab
-Borrowed Time Tab
-Breeze Tab
-Dragonfly Tab
-Forgotten Souls Tab
-Frantic Tab
-Pandora's Box Tab
-Spellbinder Tab
-Tequila Junction Tab
-Trucker Tab
-Dave Sharman TabWorks Cover Art
-Lesson Booking Form

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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